OPEAM Asset Management Help


Adding Assets

Use this screen to add assets (equipment) to the database. The Asset Number and the Description fields are required. All other field can be filled in or modified at a later time.

Access this screen via:
 Asset Audit/Control >> Database Management >> Add an Asset

  1. Enter an Asset Number. The Asset Number must be unique.
     Suggestion: Select a prefix based upon the company/organisation name followed by some numbers.  eg. Company name: Company    Asset Numbers: CPY0001, CPY2005, CPY4A2356
  2. Complete the asset's details, then select "Submit ".

Description of fields

Asset Number: Unique Asset Identifier eg. CPY2005
Description: Description of asset. eg. 75hp Outboard Motor
Asset Type: Category of asset eg. Vessel
Location: Location of asset eg. Melbourne
State: State in which asset is located eg. Vic
Manufacturer's Part Number: Assists in the ordering of parts  
Asset Prefix:    
Weight: Asset weight in kilograms eg. 25
Length: Asset length in metres eg. 3
Width: Asset width in metres eg. 1.5
Owner: Asset's owner eg. Company A
Responsible Body: Organisation managing asset eg. Company B (full version of database only)
Maintenance Body: Organisation maintaining/servicing asset eg. Company C (full version of database only)
In Service: Asset ready for use  
Maintainable: Asset requires maintenance/servicing for reliable operation. (a motor is maintainable, a table is not maintainable)  
Extended Description: Further Description of the asset  
Parent asset: The asset number of this asset's parent.  
On MOSES list: Asset appears on Response search.  
Notes: Information pertaining to this asset  
Depreciation Start Date: Date from which the asset start to lose value (depreciate)  
Initial Value: Initial Financial value assigned to asset.  
Rate/Year: Percentage of Initial Value that the asset loses per year.  
Replace at Value: Percentage of Initial Value to replace ('write off' financially) asset.  
Catalogue: PDF catalogue document for this asset (must be uploaded to server)  
S.O.P.: PDF Standard Operating Procedure document for this asset (must be uploaded to server)  
Annual: This asset requires an annual service  
Estimated Annual Hours: Estimated time for annual service  
Annual Plan: PDF service specifications document for the annual service (must be uploaded to server)  
Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly: Similar to above.  

Asset Entry screenshot