OPEAM Asset Management Help


Add a Maintenance Event (Service) to an Asset.

Maintenance Events (services) are logged against assets (equipment) using this procedure.

Access this screen via:
 Maintenance >> Add/Edit Maintenance Events

  1. Select the 'Asset Number' you want to add a Maintenance Event to.
  2. The Event Log for the selected Asset opens. Select 'Add an Entry to the Event Log'.
  3. Add an entry to the Event Log (when and who performed a service). Accept the default values for the new entry to the Event Log or modify the 'Date', 'Person Responsible' or 'Approved By' values. Select "Insert Record ".
  4. Add a Maintenance Event (what occured) to the current entry in the Event Log. Select an 'Action' (eg. 'Annual Maintenance'). Add any additional required information in the other fields. Select "Insert Record ".
  5. The Maintenance Event is entered and you can review the details on the screen presented. From here you can:
  6. If you are finished with this asset, jump to another asset via the 'Goto' drop down list in the top right corner.